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A HUGE Summer Book Haul Because I Got New Shelves | 2021 Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Lit Fic & more

by Iasmina Edina

A huge summer 2021 book haul because I built my new library/office, and now have a lot more space for books. So I can fill up all that space immediately and not have any room for growing in the future. There’s mostly fantasy and science fiction books in this book haul, as well as contemporary fiction, historical fiction, graphic novels, mystery, thriller, and more. And for some reason I come across some new words in the descriptions of some of these books.

➤Books mentioned (affiliate links):

Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes: https://tidd.ly/3gFgprL

Angels And Demons: https://tidd.ly/3t4Joul

Deception Point: https://tidd.ly/3gDGBTz

Yes Man: https://tidd.ly/3ypraod

The Portable Door: https://tidd.ly/3mEE0Ni

The Gilded Wolves: https://tidd.ly/2WtFgHQ

Casting Shadows: https://tidd.ly/38kUHVE

Tempest Of Bravoure: https://tidd.ly/3BeJv9i

Season Of Storms: https://tidd.ly/3gD8oni

Starsight: https://tidd.ly/3DmopHW

The Hazel Wood: https://tidd.ly/2USRcm9

Spinning Silver: https://tidd.ly/3BmLOr3

The Ocean At The End Of The Lane: https://tidd.ly/3gG0V6T

Spin The Dawn: https://tidd.ly/3DlGxll

Bloody Rose: https://tidd.ly/3ykzvcD

The Jasmine Throne: https://tidd.ly/3gDtwd5

Come Tumbling Down: https://tidd.ly/3sW8Twf

The Curie Society: https://tidd.ly/38j4v2i

The Jasmine Moon Murder: https://tidd.ly/3zmIM5m

The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo: https://tidd.ly/2WxpU4Y

The Historian: https://tidd.ly/3joa0Dk

A Man Called Ove: https://tidd.ly/2WxEOJ5

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing: https://tidd.ly/3kxuqsz

Conversations With Friends: https://tidd.ly/3gDtTEF

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