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HUGE Summer Book Haul // 20+ books because 2020 is a mess but at least we have books

by Iasmina Edina

A huge 2020 summer book haul in which I get too excited about the books I buy and then don’t read as soon as I should. In this book haul, there’s a ton of sequels, fantasy and contemporary.

➤Books mentioned (Book Depository links–free worldwide shipping):

A Study In Charlotte: https://tidd.ly/3iix7Mj

Ash Princess: https://tidd.ly/3k1ij5l

Daisy Jones & The Six: https://tidd.ly/2FnPrVI

Where The Crawdads Sing: https://tidd.ly/3ik8m2C

Summoner: The Inquisition: https://tidd.ly/3m8rS4k

Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982: https://tidd.ly/3bHw1HA

Havenfall: https://tidd.ly/3mfPcxh

Solitaire: https://tidd.ly/3jYlafa

Loveless: https://tidd.ly/3k3bFLN

Bid My Soul Farewell: https://tidd.ly/3m9qtKI

Night Of The Dragon: https://tidd.ly/2R8MZFm

The Elite: https://tidd.ly/2GEkwoO

The One: https://tidd.ly/3hgQ5lt

The Vanishing Stair: https://tidd.ly/2FkaPeE

Bloodwitch: https://tidd.ly/35lj1Gn

I Wish You All The Best: https://tidd.ly/2Zk9A6k

We Are Okay: https://tidd.ly/2FeukFO

Kings Of The Wyld: https://tidd.ly/3bPTF4L

Eliza And Her Monsters: https://tidd.ly/2ZpQFXL

Only Mostly Devastated: https://tidd.ly/3hlc2Q1

Furies Of Calderon: https://tidd.ly/35nUGja

The Red Pyramid: https://tidd.ly/32fqvZB

The Fiction Formula: https://tidd.ly/2RbbmlP

The Artful Edit: https://tidd.ly/2GNksDq

Revision And Self-editing For Publication: https://tidd.ly/3mbFFHw

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